Victor M. Long beach, CA progression is all thats needed


….from the towers in Watts, to the hills of Altadena

The home of the traffic and that gang bang culture

And I hope the way we do the damn thang don’t insult ya

I’m from L.A. Southern California, fool, the West Coast

Where everybody is somebody and the game is fame,

do everything with a bang…..

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J Dilla - Fall In Love (Instrumental)

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Whenever your faith in people is lost, remember these pictures.

This needs more notes. 37k is not enough

this is a post that deserves to be broken. One day I would like nothing more than too see this has too many notes.

People are still good. For some reason the negativity is all we pay attention to, but there are still good things happening in the world. We just need to be reminded of that once in a while.

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White privilege




Forty-six million white adults today can trace the origins of their family wealth to the Homestead Act of 1862. This bill gave away valuable acres of land for free to white families, but expressly precluded participation by Blacks.

"how do I have privilege?"

I’m using this in my essay about how the American dream is a racist myth

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